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Public Talks and Interviews

Recent public engagements featuring Otto. If you're interested in booking Otto as a speaker, please email us.

UN2.0 Week 2024: Cultivating the conditions for change

Origins of Theroy U

HLA Fall 2023 Webinar Series: Presencing along Life's Journey

The New University

The Alchemist

Catalyst2030 Systems Change Learning Series: Operating with Ecosystemic Awareness

Point of Relation Podcast with Thomas Hübl, Otto Scharmer and Antoinette Klatzky: Creating Social Systems With a Soul

Inner Change for Emerging Futures: From Imagination to Action | at ChangeNOW2023

Inner Development Goals for Global Action | at ChangeNOW2023

Beyond the Darkest Hour Sismique Podcast Interview

Führen in Zeiten des Umbruchs

A Force for Good

Transforming Food Systems from Within

Radical Regeneration and Collective Healing | Collective Trauma Summit

El Liderazgo y las Nuevas Formas de Coaching | Futuro 360

Liderando el Futuro Emergente

Theory U: Emerging Futures | at Mondragon University

Reimagining and Reshaping Learning and Leadership | NESA | Q&A with Maddy Hewitt

Collective Trauma Summit 2021 | Thomas Hubl in conversation with Otto Scharmer

u-lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self 

Love: letting Appear | Humberto Maturana and Otto Scharmer

Conversations on Education part 1/3 (12 minutes) | Interview by Sipian Mao

Conversations on Education part 2/3 (12 minutes) | Interview by Sipian Mao

Conversations on Education part 3/3 (12 minutes) | Interview by Sipian Mao 

Innovating in the Face of Disruption | MIT Management Executive Education

The Power of Collective Healing | Thomas Hubl in conversation with Otto Scharmer

Leading the Change

Liderar para la Sustentabilidad

Climate & Finance

Solvable Transformation & Collective Trauma

From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies | Wisdom 2.0

Shaping the Future | WEF

What is Theory U?

To transform an organization you need to engage the larger eco-system of that organization. That's our collective challenge of change, learning, and innovation.” 

Otto Scharmer, Interview

“Change on many levels"

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